charlie merriman

Doctor Faustus

HANNAH MIRSKY was impressed by the acting, but the production wasn’t up to scratch.

And The Horse You Rode In On

This thought provoking student written play is well worth a trek in the cold, advises CHARLOTTE IVERS.

Edinburgh Fringe: Assassins

MOLLIE WINTLE is pleasantly surprised by this original take on the darker side of the American Dream.

The Apocalypse Bear Trilogy

RACHEL TOOKEY is pleasantly surprised by what she finds in the woods of The Apocalypse Bear.

Richard II

KIERAN CORCORAN: Richard II talks the talk, but can it walk the walk?

Odds and Ends

JAKE ARNOTT finds some odd ends which need tying up.

Les Justes

CAITLIN DOHERTY is back with a vengeance.


Bad writing finds salvation in strong acting, and AMI JONES finds a nice, warm, premature slice of home at the ADC.

Bird Pie

New musical fails to take flight for NANCY NAPPER-CANTER. We’re in for more of a chicken run.