Tab Guide to Rowing: The Cancer Research UK Boat Races

A handy guide for the ignorant to pretend you know something about rowing.

Cantabs in the Calais ‘Jungle’: Cambridge University Calais Refugee Action Group reports

French Authorities are about to bulldoze half of the several thousand strong Calais camp – PETER MARTIN, CUCRAG founder, describes a desperate situation

Tab Live Blogs: RAG Blind Date

Welcome to The Tab’s Live Blog on RAG Blind Date, whether you’ve got major FOMO or want to embarrass your friends here is your port of call.

The annual Oxbridge Boat Race is being renamed in support of cancer research

It’s oarsome news

Charitable John’s: Abandoned bikes find new home in Africa

Taking re-cycling to the next level

Why you should send a CAMBRIDGE RAG CANDYGRAM this Xmas

Spread Christmas cheer with minimal effort for a good cause now

RAG LOST 2015: Live blog

Keep up to date with all the action as your fellow students are stranded far and wide across the country. Will all of them make it back by the 24-hour deadline?

Diary: This summer’s Cambridge RAG Uganda Gorilla Project

Information evenings for this year’s Challenges are at 6pm on the 27th & 29th of October in the Bateman room at Caius College.

The Calais Refugee crisis: What can you do to help?

“‘This is no life’ was a constant refrain”

Cambridge RAG ft. Mount Kilimanjaro

On September 3rd 2015, I boarded a 12 hour flight to Tanzania to take on the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Volunteering in Africa isn’t a chance for you to live out your Lion King dreams

Africa is not your playground

Why RAG is for everyone

Come one, come all – applications now open for RAG Committee 2015-16! And here’s why you should join

Tab Tries: Walking on fire

Walking on burning coals. Because

Living below the line: My week in food poverty

This is actually genuinely quite impressive

Viral fundraising: A big song and dance about nothing?

Say hello to Worms vs. worms.

Tab Fashion likes: Cambridge Charity Fashion Show video

Their new vid is pretty cool.

LOST 2014: Liveblog

We’re liveblogging LOST for the next 24 hours. Check back here for a continuous stream of pithy updates

Get Lost

Want to win prizes, get lost in England and raise money for charity? MICHAEL ZACHARIAS will tell you how

Giving What We Can: Why I’m challenging you to more than an ice bucket

Because giving what we can, really can make a difference

The problem with charity

The current trend for ‘social media charity’ is not sustainable argues SEBASTIAN FULLER ST ARROMAN