RAG LOST 2015: Live blog

Keep up to date with all the action as your fellow students are stranded far and wide across the country. Will all of them make it back by the 24-hour deadline?

Cambridge RAG ft. Mount Kilimanjaro

On September 3rd 2015, I boarded a 12 hour flight to Tanzania to take on the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

University Challenge Final: Who wore it best?

Vote for the most fashionable contestant in the final of Uni Challenge

Cantabs Kickstart Vehicle for Solar-Powered Race

Cambridge students attempt to win big with a solar-powered vehicle.

Fresher vs Food: The 1kg Challenge

WILL PITHERS eats lots of food in little time…

It’s an M.I.N.E.field Out There

‘M.I.N.E.’ – ‘Challenge’ – ‘Tell her’ – DECLAN CLANCY explains how three phrases can rule your life.