Cambridge University’s new Vice-Chancellor takes office

Professor Stephen Toope will be the 364th Vice-Chancellor of the University

Cambridge Goes to Edinburgh

Find out where to discover the next Peter Cook or David Mitchell as The Tab rolls out its guide to Cambridge at The Fringe.

Footlights Tour Show 2013: Canada

JONNY SINGER is left disappointed by the Footlights’ latest offering, which is not quite up to scratch.

Interview: Tom Stade

Tom Stade talks to The Tab’s MARK WINTERBURN about panel shows, the British public and offending your audience.

CURA’s Aim Is True

Cambridge University Rifle Association triumphed in all three of their summer varsities this year, and even found time to beat Canada.

Review: Stewart Francis

LOTTIE UNWIN: Stewart Francis ‘has claim to the title of best Canadian stand up I have ever seen. It wasn’t a long short list.’