150 sleeping rough in Cambridge: it’s “far easier to ignore the problem than to address it”

Why more people than ever are begging on Cambridge’s streets

Rape awareness campaign launched by Cambridgeshire police

After a series of troubling incidents, the police have decided a campaign is necessary

Cat’s out the bag: Cambridge cops reveal ‘Fen Tiger’ sightings

Is there a tiger loose in Cambridge? HARRY SHUKMAN reports.

CUSU Calls Time On C-Card

CUSU have unwrapped an alternative way for students to receive contraception, TOM HOGG Reports.

UPDATE: Rower Finds Body In River Cam

Police believe the man found on Sunday morning died of drowning.

Cambridge Cops Caught Sexting

200 staff from Cambridgeshire police force have been disciplined over the last 5 years for offenses including racist emails and ‘sex texting’.

Beggar Off!

Cambridge’s residents have been warned not to give money to the homeless by an ex-beggar.