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In defence of the 26 pairs of shoes that I bring to uni

I NEED all of them

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The strange saga of the cancellation of St Edmund’s May Ball

The committee were said to be in ‘shambles’

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The Tab’s guide to May Ball dress shopping

May Ball week might seem a while away but there’s no time like the present to get your dress(es) sorted

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Breaking News

Robinson College May Ball cancelled

A statement was p​ublishe​d earlier today by the committee presidents

Record number of state school students admitted to Cambridge

63% of incoming freshers were educated in the state sector

Emma Thompson hits up Friday Life following Union appearance

The VK deal is just too good to miss

ELECTION SPECIAL: Which politician is your college?

Feat. Classic Cambridge stereotypes

A Day in the Life of A Drinking Soc President

In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, the Tab gets candid and discusses the real issues at stake.