Cambridge Union

Union to host Emma Thompson

An unexpected announcement

Piers Morgan: ‘The General Election is going to be a bloodbath’

The controversial journalist speaks to The Tab

Bernie Sanders Union event to be ticketed due to popular demand

The event is also being opened up to the general public

Katie Hopkins Union appearance attracts bizarre disco demonstration

Protestors were seen dancing to 80s disco in garish clothes

Why we invited Katie Hopkins to speak at The Cambridge Union

It’s all about free debate

Former Union VP RESIGNS trusteeship over development project collapse

He argued that the Union was becoming “a declining and feeble excuse for a charity.”

Daniel Levin: ‘There are really three different tracks of diplomacy going on’

Strategy advisor and foreign affairs expert Daniel Levin on the way diplomacy REALLY works.

Everything we know about Christopher Steele, the Cambridge MI6 spy

Everyone is a bit confused, and rightly so

Lent Union line up: More stars, not quite star-studded

It’s definitely better than last term though

The Israeli Ambassador is a terrifying, ruthless professional

The world’s best answerer of charged questions spoke engagingly for ten minutes without saying anything.

US ELECTION LIVEBLOG: Cambridge students react to end of the world

Watch as Cambridge bathes in the tears of the Founding Fathers

QUIZ: Should you join the Union?

Aye or nay?!

Cambridge Blues bare all in RAG charity calendar

Blue balls out for charity

Running for President of the Cambridge Union is a double-edged sword

“Its better to have run and lost than never run at all” – Tennyson, if he was a not-so-good Olympic sprinter.

UNION REFERENDUM: Should you join this Michaelmas?

A sponsored article by The Cambridge Union.

Union announces one of its most lacklustre line-ups in years

Fewer celebs, more politics, and a general lack of ‘oomph’

Students descend on Sidney gardens for decadence and excess

Much alcohol, very May Week.

Union Presidential Elections: The Tab interviews Kate and Matteo

Featuring Trump, disaffiliation and hairstyles.

STANLEY TUCCI: ‘I didn’t want to go through life just as myself’

The fabulous Stanley Tucci talks things movie making, Hollywood, and the darker sides to his characters

News Roundup Week 3: Guns, Ducks, and NUS Urinal Invasions

ARMIN SOLIMANI rounds up an oh-so Oxbridge week three