Cambridge Union Society

Interview: Bill Bryson

In an exclusive Tab interview, best-selling author BILL BRYSON tells KATIE FORSTER about his enjoyable experiences with weed, why he will never use Twitter and how Mitt Romney very nearly won him over.

Guess Who’s Back?

Julian Assange will be answering questions from Union members later this month.

Star Power

SOPHIA VAHDATI thinks that celebrities should stay away from ‘great responsibility’.

In Defence of the Union

We should give The Union more credit than it gets.

The Price of Good Manners

Katie Price brings a class issue to the table.

No Contest for Leigh at the Union

David Leigh has won the Easter term Union Presidency after standing uncontested in a surprisingly clean election.

Cambridge Union Shouts for Cindies

Last night the Cambridge Union witnessed a highly-charged debate on the future of Cindies and what it means to students.

Union Becomes A Big-Dog Boozer

The Union has extended its drinking licence in a bid to establish itself as a major player in the weekend boozing markets.

Miss World Beauties Hit The Union

Cambridge played host 122 Miss Worlds on Friday, when they visited The Union to talk about female empowerment, charity work, and looking really fit.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 3

Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON cracks out her top cultural tips for the week. You love it.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 2

Flat-cap flaunting? Vintage-clothes wearing? Martini-craving? Boy, has Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON got some cultural highlights for you.

Top Lads Dominate Union Lineup

Al Murray, Jeremy Paxman and Sir Roger Moore will feature as highlights of the Cambridge Union Society’s termcard. You heard it here first.

Union-HuffPo Link Is All-Go

The Cambridge Union Society has secured a prestigious blogging position with the new UK Universities wing of The Huffington Post.