cambridge tab

Confessions of a pushy guy

Why we actually do need consent workshops, and why we need them to be good.

Cambridge stumbles as odd couple Stanford and Manchester stride ahead

We’re worse than Manchester

Episode 8: The End

It’s the finale of the Sunday Serial but will Billy and Anna end up together? There’s only one way to find out…

Homeless selfies hit Cambridge

People are taking selfies with the homeless. And it’s disgraceful.

Porters suffer freak injuries from dangerous doors at Newnham

In a spate of freak accidents, the door to Newnham’s Plodge is causing injuries and all-round chaos.

NOAV intensifies as Cantabs hit back

National Operation Anti-Vivisection who recently made veiled threats against Cantabs, have stepped up their campaign to end vivisection

Brutal three-way sex attack sparks manhunt

Police are searching for a group of three men who sexually assaulted a young man in his 20’s on Christ’s Pieces yesterday

We’ll always have Paris

Drop revision and join The Tab as we escape to Paris with model Clotilde Boudet.

Good Heavens! Jesus Porters Spy on One Night Stands

Ooh porter! College authorities at Jesus are busting students who don’t sign in their hook-ups

I shop at Zara Kids

Kids’ clothes are not just for kids, the fun-sized fashionista explains

Fix Up, Look Smart

For this photoshoot, Tab Fashion fixes up and looks smart with Spring/Summer 2014’s latest trends.

How To Fob Off A Visiting Friend

Got a friend staying this weekend who you just can’t afford to spend time with? CHARLOTTE IVERS tells you how to fob off the unwanted weekender so that you can get your library on…

Tab Tries: Cigars and Whisky

JOSH SIMONS reviews the manliest products on offer to man…

The Sunday Serial: Episode 3 – Whiskers

Blood on the carpet? Broken crockery? A man on the loose? Something is not right. Join OLD DAL for another installment of the Sunday Serial…

Short Cuts To Curing That Hangover

Sick and tired of losing days to your hangover? Join CHARLIE DOWELL for some tried and tested hangover cheats…

Tab Tries Trick-or-Treating

Lost the urge to knock on your neighbours door with an empty bucket and a scream mask? For Halloween TOM FAIRBAIRN revisited the pleasure…

Tab Tries: Going Into The Future

ADRIAN GRAY goes into the future and all he does is check out The Tab…

The Art of Planking

Think you know what planking is? Think again. FREYA SUTTON talks you through the details…

Porters on Tour

ADRIAN GRAY and CHRIS CHEYNEY catch up with the porters’ summer exploits…

TabTV Tries Unicycling

After seeing the guys who unicycle to lectures, Sam Martin, fancied a go. Well he didn’t at all but we forced him to.