cambridge life

An ode to my bedder

The actual love of my life

A Very Short Introduction To Sex At Cambridge

First you got in, now it’s time to get down.

Things that prelimmers never say

‘Prelim life is the best life’

Live-tweeting my Valentine’s Day

How can I be lonely if I share my life with the whole of Cambridge? Logic.

An Open Letter to the Overly Keen Cantab

*posts another photo of Kings Chapel*

Fresh Prince of Ballare: Best Dressed at Cindies WEEK 3

HASHTAG outfit of the night

Secret Diary of a Cambridge BNOC

“I can’t help it that I’m popular”

Cambridge sex slave comes forward

She was sold to wealthy students

Why do Cambridge students complain so much?

Such a degree of moaning is neither cathartic nor entirely justified

EXCLUSIVE: Union Spring Ball theme announced

They’re celebrating ‘all things sleek and futuristic’

I quit social media

And nobody died

PARADISE PAPERS: Why Cambridge students should campaign for divestment

Let’s make a noise in this city of libraries

A ‘Day’ in the life of an Arts Student

It’s not just your essays that lack structure

How much alcohol is too much alcohol?

Chill. Out.

Same-sex college marriage is not a last resort

Need I say it’s 2017, people…

What they don’t tell you about being an adult

Yet another hard-hitting exposé

Can everyone stop saying “It’s okay to be mediocre”?

Just because there are some superhumans at Cambridge doesn’t mean the rest of us are talentless.

A Fresher’s Quest to the University Library

Here be dragons

Baewatch: More places to find the love of your life

Sounds weirdly specific but OK.


It’s time to get CHEEKy