cambridge junction

A New Junction

Your tunesmith-in-residence MATT TEALE is back. This time he wants you to consider a trip to the Junction.

Tab Meets: Stephen K Amos

STEPHEN K AMOS talks stand-up, dream venues, and pre-show nerves

Sampled Festival: Unfinished and Unleashed

HANNAH QUINN steps outside the conventional Cambridge drama scene and checks out some work-in-progress theatre.

Our Fathers

“Astonishingly, they’re telling their actual life stories” – MATTHEW WOLFSON kicks off Easter Term’s theatre with a trip down memory lane, as reality and performance converge.


HOLLY STEVENSON: Nice band; shame about the audience.

Interview: Feeder

‘We have always tried to make music that we think is good and be true to ourselves. Songs can be timeless, whereas trends come and go.’ HOLLY STEVENSON uncovers the secret behind FEEDER’s long-term success from frontman GRANT NICHOLAS.