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An admin’s ode to Crushbridge

From the undercover creators, Dora and Hollie

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J4MB talk attendee accused of assaulting student protesters

Statements from student protesters allege that an attendee ‘[punched] one of the male protesters in the neck unprovoked, then [pushed] a female protester against a wall’

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Tab Guide: Surviving the Pains of Post-prelim Life

No exams equals no stress right? Wrong.

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Emmanuel College issues a TOTAL ban on smoking within College Grounds

If anyone wants to smoke, they will be required to leave the college site completely, or be liable for a £100

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How to actually get some work done over the Easter break

Not that I’m one to talk lol

Why are Cambridge students so obsessed with League Tables?

Our obsession with league tables is unproductive and reveals insecurities.

News Column: Week 2 CHAOS

All the week’s saucy updates

An anthropological look at how Cambridge students dress by subject

Or, enjoy this reporter low-key indirecting people she doesn’t know too well

Mystic Jojo’s Michaelmas Horoscopes

That VK is your destiny

How not to get lost in Market Square: Map of the week

No more confusion or disappointment!