cambridge drinking societies

It’s time to end archaic practices of drinking societies

The port and privilege culture has gone too far.

REVEALED: Cambridge’s top ten most notorious drinking societies

The results are in.

A-Z of Cambridge, Part 1

So we have been here for longer than than you. Which, naturally, means that we know everything.

Sin(dy)ful: club manager robbed drinking socs to pay back parking fines.

The former Manager of Life and Cindies took his employers for a ride, stealing to pay off parking fees.

The Life of a Drinking Society President

May Week might mean garden parties and balls for you, but for a drinking society president, it means organising a whole lot of initiations. PENNY ROBERTSON, president of The Thunderbirds gives us her verdict.

Tab Confessional: To Drink, or not to Drink?

Are Drinking Societies worth all the hype? Three anonymous Cantabs spill the beans in our Confessional…

Tom Davenport’s Strictly Speaking

Hysterectomy Thursday