cambridge colleges

Which sexual act is your college?

Show this to your DoS.

Vote Now: Cambridge’s Best Bums 2015

All bums are equal, but some are more equal than others. Help us choose which ones.

Queens’ JCR President announces Bops return with a YouTube Christmas poem

College authorities succumb to the people’s demand for glorified, semi-ironic organised fun

Which Shakespeare character is your college?

31 colleges, all alike in dignity, in fair Cambridge where we lay our scene.

Cambridge is being taken over by gangsters

A grime wave is about to hit Cambridge University.

What to do to before you come to Cambridge

How to prepare now you’re expecting

Cuppers of Cuppers: Which college is the best at sport?

The Tab has hired a statistician. This is the result

How cringe is YOUR drinking society name?

Face it, they’re all pretty bad

Who has the best college pet?

SAM WATTS uncovers Cambridge’s furry underbelly

Churchill Spring Ball: drunk in dystopia

Cheers Winston, top night

RAG Come Dine With Me: Which course is your college?

“Like Blind Date but less awkward, and in a team”

What kind of date is your college?

Yep, it’s fucking Valentine’s Day today

Colleges have an iron grip on our wallets

Cough up 

A reading week would ruin Cambridge

CUSU Women’s campaign and CDE have bred and spawned a new hashtag monster, #endweek5blues.

Whose University: The last word

Enough already

110 minutes with WU?

Two of our writers infiltrated the inaugural ‘Whose University?’ meeting. They emerged as shells of their former selves

Are you nerdier than a Royal Holloway student, Cambridge?

Compare yourself to national stats! (Surprise surprise, Oxonians are pretty average.)

Roof or Dare

Fearless King’s students send authorities through the roof.

Don’t Whine about the Wine

Cambridge colleges spent £3m on wine last year, and you should shut up about it

James Mitchell

Old man about town JAMES MITCHELL kicks off his brand new column.