Whine of the Week: Kisses in texts

Let’s get angry about letters in messages

Cambridge’s Lonely Hearts

Struggling to find the one in Cam? He or she could be right here

Whine of the week: Stubborn Northerners

CHARLIE DOWELL doesn’t understand why people like the North.

Haiku of the week: Week 4

Horror, costumes and drama; another week, another haiku. Tanoshimu.

Halloween? More like Halloshit

PAIGE SMEATON tells you why you should hate Halloween

Did you go to a state school?

A comprehensive student in crisis? PAIGE SMEATON will let you in on a secret

Whine of the week: Leavers’ hoodies

Hate leavers’ hoodies? Love wine? Read on

I queued for two hours at the Krispy Kreme opening and I didn’t get any donuts

TAYO MOORE vents his frustration at donuts and the world

Dogs of Cambridge

Canines snapped around Cambridge and their inspirational stories

Haiku of the week: Week 2

An eventful week, another haiku. Tanoshimu.

Turn your cramped student room into an autumnal haven

Autumn is here. Let the outside in and autumnify your bedsit. Style guru TIM ATKIN teaches you a lesson or two

Whine of the Week: Fucking Pedestrians

Like wine? Like complaining? Read on.

Haiku of the Week: Week 1

The end of freshers’ week and another haiku. Tanoshimu

Which societies should you join?

Michaelmas is here! Let GEORGINA BUTTERWORTH take you through the top socs

Freshers’ Week in a Series of Renaissance Paintings

Want to know what freshers’ will be like? The old masters had it covered.

Haiku of the Week: Week 0

Relax into Cambridge with seventeen syllables of wisdom. Tanoshimu.

ARTworks: The Charity Art Fair

LARA FERRIS explored an affordable art fair in the centre of Cambridge.

Cambridge Misconceptions

Thought you knew Cambridge? Well think a-bloody-gain!

Birdwatching in Cambridge

SEBASTIAN TRILL shares his pearls of wisdom about Cambridge’s birds.

I am bored of your preaching

JOSH SIMONS thinks we should be a little more careful before reeling off patronising, malign and preachy arguments.