Boris Johnson

Everything we know about Christopher Steele, the Cambridge MI6 spy

Everyone is a bit confused, and rightly so

EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson was Trump Dossier Spy’s Opposite Number at the Oxford Union

The Foreign Secretary was Oxford Union President at the same time

BREXIT: I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

Independence Day? More like Apocalypse Now.

Cambridge’s next Vice Chancellor: Our Top Ten

Defo Obama amirite?

Cambridge students could face a rise in tuition fees in 2017

As it’s been a whole four years since the government last fucked us, it seemed about time.

NICK CLEGG “Politics is a messy business, your ideals clash with reality”

Nick, we’re paying for the consequences of that clash. Literally.

Was voting a waste of time?

Seriously, why did I bother lugging myself all the way back to London to vote?

Boris St. Johnson Breaks His Silence

Boris St. Johnson speaks out about his controversial three years at Cambridge…

Five minutes with Ken Livingstone

The former Mayor of London KEN LIVINGSTONE takes some time at the Union to chat to CHRISTINA SWEENEY-BAIRD and SARAH BEADLE about Blair, Brown and Jimmy Savile.

The Boat Race: The Preview

With the big day fast approaching, The Tab are here to prepare you for the race.