I’ve never been as bored as I am right now

Get me back to Cambridge ASAP

CUSU COUNCIL: Homerton bus, the NUS and elections (again)

CUSU restores our faith in democracy (if democracy only takes 34 minutes)

How bored are you right now?


Cambridge Room 101: The Cindies Queue

“Once in the Cindies queue someone threw up on me and my soul died.”

How bored are you right now?

Honestly. You can tell us.

The Tab Easter study guide

Sorry England, it’s a Yes from me

ZACK HASSAN is sick of your Southern politics. Here’s why he’s voting Yes.

Tales of my Greedy Punt – Week 4

MAISY MINT takes a trip down memory lane…

Procrastination with Nick Harris: Part II

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more bored, NICK HARRIS returns. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Procrastination with Nick Harris

An exciting glimpse into the life of Nick Harris.

Tom Rasmussen

TOM RASMUSSEN presents: his guide to escaping exam term nothingness.