Ben Pope

Ben Pope & Lunchtime of Champions: Review

ALEX STRIDE tells us why Ben Pope & Lunchtime of Champions lives up to expectations

Footlights International Tour Show: Real Feelings

These Footlights will go far, reckons LOUIS SHANKAR.

What’s On Week Four

We’re halfway through term! Chin up, and get cultured.

The Last Footlights Smoker

ROSANNA SUPPA loved this emotional Footlights ending to the year.

Corpus Smoker

HANNAH MIRSKY reckons this smoker got the job done quite nicely.

Footlights Spring Revue 2014: The History of Everything

OJ WATSON is impressed with this consistent and well constructed Spring Revue.

Welcome Break

JOSH MARKS raves after a masterclass in the unpredictable and the downright hilarious.

ADC/Footlights Panto 2013: The Princess and the Pea

CHLOE COLEMAN is certain that this year’s ADC/Footlights Panto is deserving of its hype.

The Footlights President Meets: Ex-Footlights President

BEN POPE the current Footlights President, had a chat (interrogation) with the former Footlights President, PHIL WANG, ahead of his show Anti-Hero coming to Cambridge.

Footlights Smoker

LEYLA LESNIAREK-HAMID is impressed by some of this year’s new talent on the Cambridge comedy scene.

Corpus Smoker

ELLIE WARR is in safe hands for her first night of comedy at the Corpus Smoker.

Dressing Down

NICHOLAS HULBERT is left chuckling long into the night with this quirky Cambridge sketch show.

Three White Guys

LEYLA HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN are charmed by this evening of comedy that manages to (almost) take their minds of exam term.

Mark Liu: Week 4

Relationships are like Civilization 5 and should be stuck to on a one-year contractual basis. Yes, it’s the mathmo’s answer to Dr Phil: MARK is back.

Mark Liu Interviews Ben Pope

Legendary Tab columnist MARK LIU gives the new Footlights President a grilling.

SCA Corpus Smoker

ZOE DAVIGNON is generally delighted by exam term humour and Tab bashing at the SCA Smoker.

Pembroke Black Tie Smoker

Jaded Theatre Editor FRANCESCA HILL has her bitter heart warmed by this quirky comedy night.

Corpus Smoker

Kids, step away from the ADC: there’s more to comedy than the Footlights. FRANCESCA HILL reviews the Corpus Smoker.

Jamie Meets The Pope

“Their directness punctures pretence, and lets the audience in.” MATTHEW WOLFSON is impressed by this comedy duo.

Pop Not Broth

HANNAH MIRSKY was confused not amused.