Cambridge University Chamber Orchestra

HARRY DADSWELL enjoys a competent CUCO performance, but wishes they could just be a bit more, well, daring.

Let’s Get Classical

TOMMY SHANE explores classical music in Cambridge, and implores you all to not knock it ’till you’ve tried it.

CUCO: Mendelssohn, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Italian Symphony, and Beethoven: Violin Concerto

Stephanie Gonley takes a no-nonsense approach to the Romantic greats which set CUCO on fire for HARRY HICKMORE


PARK CHUI gets a strange sense of deja vu whilst watching Tom Hardy’s latest punchfest.

Tab Classical

JOE CONWAY reviews last week’s classical concerts, with high praise for CUCO and the Endellion String Quartet.

Tab Classical

JOE CONWAY’s latest column including interviews, what’s on next week and write ups of the week just gone.

Review: Beethoven Ensemble

JOE CONWAY : ‘Throughout the concerto Arisa Fujita had held the audience spell-bound, especially in the two cadenzas, when you really could have heard the proverbial pin drop.’

Review: Britten Sinfonia

MADELINE DE-BERRIE and JOE CONWAY agree ‘the concentration of no player waned’ and ‘with each player individually connected with the music emotionally.’

Review: City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra

JOE CONWAY : ‘Just looking around at the players’ evident enjoyment of these great tunes should make one reluctant to add to the snobby criticisms that have always been levelled at Tchaikovsky.’

Review: Endellions

JOE CONWAY: ‘The sonorities were rich and the energy levels high as all five players went full pelt for the final summation.’

Review: Cambridge Graduate Orchestra

JOE CONWAY learnt that in good classical music, ‘What you don’t do is dash through it as if you can’t wait to get it over.’