REVIEW: 4.48 Psychosis

Dani Cugini is still recovering from this brilliant production

Top Girls

CATHERINE AIREY: Not so Top, but then not so Girls either.

Interview: Penelope Skinner

JAKE ARNOTT’s scares children with up-and-coming playwright Penelope Skinner.

Sweeney Todd

Theatre Editor CAITLIN DOHERTY gets blinded by the pies into enjoying something she definitely shouldn’t.

The Physicists

Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN carries out a controlled investigation of a play which, despite a standout performance, is ultimately blinded by its own science.

William Fergus Stuart – The Revival

LAURIE COLDWELL’s mind melts in the face of our first ever unclassifiable play.


Wearied Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN can’t stand a play which can’t stand.

The Real Inspector Hound

CATHERINE TRINDER: “I felt the need to hide my notepad in shame as these ‘critics’ made such a merciless mockery of themselves and the whole noble profession.”