Review: CUSE

HARRY HICKMORE thinks that this string ensemble may have played their cards a little too early.

Lliam Patterson Recital: Hindemith, Leighton and Bach

MEGAN KENNEDY sacrifices her lunch for a concert and is surprisingly happy about it all.

Review: King’s College Music Society

JOE CONWAY : ‘A concert is more than just a musical performance. It’s more like a cocktail of things – the works on the programme, the way they’re approached, the setting, and the atmosphere.’

Review: Cello and Harpsichord Recital at Trinity

JOE CONWAY: ‘Kate acknowledged the applause gracefully, sat down with her cello purposefully, tuned, and launched into a thoughtful and glowing account of Bach’s G major Suite.’

Review: Voice Recital at Caius

LIZZIE BENNETT: ‘Saturday’s concert was not just about two talented musicians presenting an evening recital; it was one…which aims to “bring people together, to connect dreams, aims, lives.”

Review: Cambridge Philharmonic Society

JOE CONWAY is left pondering what might have been.