We asked freshers what they thought Cambridge would be like

I’ll no doubt pronounce ‘tapenade’ wrong and no one will talk to me

TabTV meets the Varsity Athletics Team

Meet the men and women ready to do battle with Oxford in the 150th Varsity Athletics Match.

So you think you’re quick? Can you beat the Blues?

The Athletics Team are offering £150 of champagne to the fastest 4x100m team. Who knows, maybe you can beat the Athletics Blues as well…

Blues Sport 2012-13: The Highs And The Lows

The 2012-13 season saw some of the sports teams in Cambridge enjoy success on a unparalleled level while others came unstuck in the heat of competition. TOM BENNETT has a look at some of the best and worst performances of the past year.

Urine Deep Trouble: Gender Discrimination in Cambridge Sport

CHRIS McKEON examines the everyday sexism of women’s sport in Cambridge.

REPORT: Achilles Athletics Tour

BETH SWORDS provides a full report and exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the Achilles Athletics Tour of the Ivy League Universities.

Athletics Varsity On A Knife-edge: Men Win, Women Lose

RYAN HARPER: Men win 105-99, women lose 102-97 in a nail-bitigly close Varsity Athletics.

CUAC Hit The Olympic Stadium

Cambridge Athletes gave other unis a run for their money at the BUCS Olympic Stadium.

Fresh Faces, Same Story

ATHLETICS: SOPHIE DUNDOVIC watches Cambridge’s freshers beat The Other Place, as usual.