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Why I actually just despise Skins

A sad cool show about cool sad people

Review: Anna

An overly ambitious disappointment

You’re fat, get over it

You might be fat, but your real problem is you’re a moron.

Preview: Lean

Tim Squirrell – Men have problems too

This week, TIM SQUIRRELL wants to broach the subject of men’s issues…

My problem with food

Our author tries to make things better for other sufferers of eating disorders by telling it how it is.

Cripple in Cambridge – Week 3

In Mental Health Week ABBI BROWN takes a break from being our in-house cripple to become our in-house clinical depressive.

The Tab Mental Health Survey: A Response

TIM SQUIRRELL reflects on the results of The Tab’s Mental Health Survey.

The Forgotten Eating Disorder

MOLLIE JONES shares her experience of binge eating.

I Was A Boy Anorexic

Having successfully overcome anorexia, SIMON METIN now wants to help others facing similar problems.

Fat Talk

Lucy Makinson gets us all thinking as the CUSU Women’s campaign launch “Fat Talk Free Week”

Manorexic Mannequins

Following the introduction of 27- inch waisted male mannequins, TABATHA LEGGETT looks at manorexia.