Amy Jeffs

Sexy in Silk

Planning your May Week already? Get some ethical inspiration from our latest silky shoot.

Diary of a Librarian

A look inside the secret world of the librarian – it’s one full of books, bourbons and bitching.

Mood to be Wooed

Tab Fashion gets romantic in the meadows, with floaty frocks and flowing locks.

How to Frolic

It is essential for the continued functioning of the universe that for every boring thing (revision) at least two fun things must happen. KATIE MAIR teaches us how to frolic.

Holy Smokes: Part 2

‘Fuck you Lent, you’re so freakin’ long even Christians can’t make it the whole way’ – forty days into his forty-six day denial, DOUGLAS THOMSON craves a cigarette.

Get Your Tatts Out

What makes people get tattoos? Are they more socially acceptable nowadays? We spoke to four inked up students and gathered their thoughts.

Fit College: Churchill v Robinson

Fit College is back! This week Freshers team up with big Natsci boys to fight for your vote.

Interview: Miles Jupp

AMY JEFFS talks to comedian MILES JUPP- aka ‘Archie from Balamory’- about his new tour, having a family, and being more English than anyone could possibly expect. And destroys her childhood memories while doing it.