Americanisms: What’s The Big Issue?

Do “Americanisms” bastardize our fair Queen’s English?

Sorority Girls

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH and the sisters are doing it for themselves.

Knocking On Nobel’s Door

AHIR SHAH asks why Bob Dylan didn’t win the 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature.

YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Eight

“Its legs flail hypnotically like a squid, and it seems to be chanting some satanic verse as it slides around the room.” YouTube Video Of The Week brings you a chubby baby in its last installment of Michaelmas.

YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Six

YouTube Video Of The Week brings you a woman slapped in the face with a watermelon. Week Six is possibly more depressing than Week Five, wallow in schadenfreude.

Duke’s Dirty Dissertation

A mock “sex thesis” by an ex-student from one of America’s top Universities has been accidentally leaked online.

Uncle Sam Slammed By Cam

The Tab rounds up the Blues’ summer fixtures. An undefeated tour of America surely has the scum quaking in their boots.

Lightweight Rowers Flex Their International Muscle

TIM SCHOLTES reports on the lightweights’ summer performances as trialling begins.

Tab’s World Of Weird Sports

And you thought Quidditch was weird.

Animals Do The Sportiest Things

Mr Asbo’s illustrious predecessors