alex kemp


ALEX KEMP recommends a film that hits the cliché nail on the head.

Wreck-It Ralph

Disclaimer: this is not a Pixar film. But it’s still got some charm, writes ALEX KEMP.

Zero Dark Thirty

Bleak and alienating, Zero Dark Thirty is difficult to enjoy but worth seeing, writes ALEX KEMP.

Les Misery

“Many were applauding, some were actually crying.” But the only tears JAMES MITCHELL wept during this “weak and insubstantial” film were tears of despair.

Les Misérables

“Russell Crowe’s scenes as the villain Javert… see him straining so hard to sing that he looks mildly constipated and has seemingly forgotten to do any acting.” Crowe aside, ALEX KEMP is awed and impressed.