Beer-dy weirdy: A review

CHARLIE BELL and XAQUIN CASTRO DOPICO go on a serious investigation to see how many beards they can find at the Cambridge Beard Festival, proudly run by CAMRA.

Tab Tries: Grantchester

One sunny Wednesday, BETH SWORDS, IZI GOODER and IONA LOVERIDGE popped the bubble and braved the outside world.

Pubs of Cambridge #5: The Eagle

The Tab braves the Eagle and is not very positive about said establishment.

Robert Smith: Culture Vulture

ROB SMITH gives us more excuses not to work next week in his preview of coming cultural highlights.

The Cambridge Eleven

Words of Wisdom: The top 11 things PATRICK SHERIFF learnt at Cambridge

Pubs of Cambridge #4: The Champion of the Thames

The Tab head for King Street in search of pints. And maybe parties. But not girls.

Pubs of Cambridge #3: The Regal (Ale Festival)

In a change to our planned billing, The Tab heads to The Regal to check out the ale festival

Pubs of Cambridge #2: The Panton Arms

The second installment in our city tour takes us to the little-known Panton Arms.