Ahir Shah

REVIEW: Newnham Smoker

Freya Harris had a blast at this feel good smoker.

Cambridge Goes to Edinburgh

Find out where to discover the next Peter Cook or David Mitchell as The Tab rolls out its guide to Cambridge at The Fringe.

PICK ME UP: A Sketch Show

HANNAH MIRSKY is charmed by this fantastically funny show which is clever without shoving it in your face.


KIERAN CORCORAN out of the funniest funnymen that there are amongst funny people, the one who was supposed to be the funniest of the funniest funnymen was the least funny of the funniest funnymen.

Footlights Smoker

Sins are committed both on- and off-stage for BASIL FRANCIS this week.

Footlights Smoker

JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO and ALICE CARR think this week’s Footlights Smoker was like a shirt. A very good shirt. Obviously.

Clare Comedy

Headlock-happy hecklers can’t stop CHLOE MASHITER from enjoying something a bit different at Clare Comedy.


EMMA ROBERTS discovers that the revolution probably won’t be theatrical-ised either.

Footlights Smoker

KIERAN CORCORAN doesn’t say ‘mixed bag’, because that’s not really what it was.

20 Questions for Ahir Shah

Casually taking a break from Campus, Skins, Footlights, stand-up and satire, Ahir Shah tells us about his favourite stand-up, being officially called a ‘lad’ by a London newspaper, and why none of the Cambridge comedians would be good company on a desert island.

Odds: Footlights Spring Revue

Disparate, incoherent and technical slip-ups…The crowning glory in the Footlights calendar fails to impress PHOEBE LUCKHURST.

Clare Comedy with Ed Gamble

HOLLY STEVENSON blames the audience for her uphill struggle to comedy nirvana

Now, Now

TOBY PARKER REES can finally love again, thanks to Care of Douglas.

Cream of the Cam

JENNA CORDEROY on the fabulous and the famous currently studying in a college near you. Get stalking.

Review: Smoker

Good acts are stifled by their three minute time slot and bad acts get laughs no matter what. Welcome to the last Smoker of term.