Jesus students push for return of stolen artefact – after accusations of “colonial narrative” in original motion

Jesus College Student Union has voted to repatriate a bronze cockerel, or okukor, to Nigeria.

Charitable John’s: Abandoned bikes find new home in Africa

Taking re-cycling to the next level

Volunteering in Africa isn’t a chance for you to live out your Lion King dreams

Africa is not your playground

10 Things I Miss About Cambridge

Overseas correspondent BEN DALTON explains how being on his year abroad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Kony 2012 Shows How Little We Care

Kony 2012 risks becoming a triumph of social networking rather than social consciousness.

Human Planet – Deserts: Life in the Furnace

ALASDAIR PAL: “If only there were a way to turn John Hurt off”.

Cambridge Battle Heat to Reach Debate Semis

Cambridge sent four teams to the World Universities Debating Championships last week, to compete for the title of World’s Best Team in Botswana

African Academics Come to Cam

Cambridge’s Centre for African Studies has welcomed four leading African academics to take part in a research programme.

Jess Murray

The Gap Year Farce