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French Fancy

JOY STARKEY gets a sugar rush in summer 2012’s biggest trend

Street Style: Spring

ANNA VLASOVA captures the best student Springtime style

Sculptured Simplicity

JOY STARKEY explores the clean lines and bold beauty of minimalist fashion

Accessory Excess

TOM RASMUSSEN and JOY STARKEY use everything from insects to fetish wear in this week’s fashion accessories shoot.

40s/60s: Which Decade Are You?

JOY STARKEY, SCHAROLTA SI and ELISKA HASKOVCOVA head to The Varsity Hotel to check out 40s and 60s style. Which girl will you be this winter?

Cambridge’s Top 3 Vintage Shops

SANNA BALSARI-PALSULE gives you her rundown of the best shops for vintage.

Affordable Vintage Fair Hits Cambridge