Could YOU be Cambridge’s Biggest BNOC?

Nominate a Cantab now

Zero Carbon “vows to fight on” as Cambridge says NO to divestment

The University has rejected fully divesting from fossil fuels after Newcastle, Southhampton and Queen Mary London all committed to divestment.

BREAKING: No action taken against NUS or CUCA for breaking referendum rules

Several JCRs are also suspected of rule-breaking

NUS Disaffiliation: Richard Brooks

We spoke to NUS Vice President Richard Brooks about the consequences of leaving, what the NUS actually does for students and how their democracy works.

Student politics isn’t your playground

Stop using it to kick-start your career in journalism.

GEORGE TAKEI INTERVIEW: “Trump is more like a Klingon than a Starfleet Commander”

George Takei – activist, actor and social media superstar shares his chilling childhood story, his thoughts on Hollywood and Trump’s starring role in the Star Trek Universe.

EXCLUSIVE: VP Richard Brooks confirms NUS defintion of anti-Semitism

Brooks said the NUS take claims of anti-Semitism “incredibly seriously” but didn’t comment directly on the reaction to Malia Bouattia.

Cambridge students can make divestment happen

We need to tell the Uni to invest in a sustainable future, not an oily dystopia.

We’ve lost the battle for No Platforming

We can’t have a sensible conversation about no platforming. Here’s how we can try to move on.

PalSoc’s antics are an embarrassment to a worthy cause

Palestine deserves better than a gang of self-righteous ego-maniacs

Why can’t we just all be friends?

XAVIER BISITS on Cambridge’s penchant for bickering.

The student left: Where did it go wrong?

There’s a world out there, you know

Whose sex life is it anyway?

I’m bed serious.

Animal extremists threaten Cambridge

Threats made against students and the University’s Archaeology Department

Why I handed the Union a giant cheque for ‘Sod All’

JESSICA O’DRISCOLL-BREEN explains her motivations for taking part in CDE’s notoriously angry protests.

Interview: Mark Thomas

Someone once said to me,“You’ve got a great career”, and I told him, “If you use that word in front of me again I’ll fucking nut you.” Libertarian anarchist, comedian and Dispatches host MARK THOMAS lets loose to BEN REDWOOD.


EMMA ROBERTS discovers that the revolution probably won’t be theatrical-ised either.