You are an arrogant brat, but it’s not our fault

Joe Goodman’s wrong to blame Cambridge for making him that way

Whose sex life is it anyway?

I’m bed serious.

Stuck-Up Southerners

WILL DALRYMPLE doesn’t understand why people don’t like the North

What is a drinking society?

Drinking societies really aren’t OK at the best of times, and grad students should set an example, argues FELIX STEIN.

What’s your greatest achievement this year?

Apparently CUSU have been doing something afterall

The Hanging Christian – Episode 7

Freya puts her life on the line as she goes undercover back into the cult. Will she be found out?

Private schools are destroying society

Private schools make PATRICK BROOKS angry. Really angry. And he wants you to be angry about them too.

Don’t Whine about the Wine

Cambridge colleges spent £3m on wine last year, and you should shut up about it

Willi Really? Prince William To Become a Cambridge Student

The Duke of Cambridge is set to become a full time student of Cambridge University in time for the start of Lent Term.

Cambridge Are Set To Accept Every Student With A*AA

Under radical new plans, Cambridge University are changing their entrance criteria

CUSU Get Loose-oo With The Purse Strings

The General Manager of CUSU, Mark McCormack, has been rewarded with a £6,500 pay rise while members of staff across the University remain on minimum wage and various campaigns continue to be underfunded.

5% Rise in Cambridge Undergrad State School Intake

Statistics suggest more diverse undergraduate population at Cambridge.

October Babies: The Oxbridge Expose

KATIE ZINSER exposes disgusting new revelations of bias in the Oxbridge application system.

Jesus Jokers In Eton Mess

A trio of Jesus students are in a sticky situation after posing as Etonian applicants.

Cambridge Admissions in Great State

Cambridge’s state school intake hits 30 year high.

Monk Debunked In Tory Story

Aspiring politico and Trinity Hall lawyer Chris Monk makes his debut BBC appearance, causing access outrage.

Prof Sez Toff Image Just Doesn’t Fitz

The Master of Fitz slammed politically correct politicians for damaging Cambridge’s reputation.

Cam Missing Out…

…not on the top spot in the league tables, but on bright students.

A.C. FAILING: Prof’s college only for Toffs.

Philosopher’s college faces embarrassment as majority of places go to private school kids.

Handshake Shakeup for Interviews

Admissions Tutors have been sent a guidance video advising them on how to judge whether to handshake an interviewee.