Abi Tedder

Footlights Interview: Harry Michell

Footlights President of 2013 Harry Michell is returning to the ADC this week with a new show, ready for the Edinburgh Fringe. He talks to LARA FERRIS all about comedy and life out of Cambridge.

Perfect Strangers

AMI JONES finds the simple things the funniest in the Footlight’s latest offering.

Anything But

One woman, one reviewer: ADAM KIRTON sings the praises of former Footlight Abi Tedder.


CAITLIN DOHERTY: It is a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/ Signifying nothing.

Footlights Smoker

MAX UPTON pays tribute to the Footlights graduands, standing up for the possibility of a 5-star smoker.

Platinum Tabs – Guide Dog Awards Lent 2011

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG honours the worthiest shows and thespians of Lent 2011, as voted by you. We’ve even got a new curtain.

Anything But (A One-Woman Play)

In the second thrust of her Week 8 double-whammy, MATILDA WNEK glories in a whole hour of just Abi Tedder and a fistful of lolz.

Footlights Smoker

TADHGH BARWELL O’CONNOR wishes every Smoker could reach such comic heights…

Footlights Smoker

ABI BENNETT is impressed with this latest Smoker, for the most part at least.

Footlights Smoker

Guns, Shreddies and a lady’s front garden…an evening of fun with the Footlights for HANNAH POTTS.

Corpus Birthday Smoker

Warped moments of hilarity and unenlightened disdain…The Corpus Smoker proves to be a mixed bag for RHONDA NICHOLL.

Wolfson Howler with Rob Rouse

Alternative vibes and pangs of apprehension don’t stop The Howler reigning supreme for SOPHIE BAUER.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

ANNA SHEINMAN has a laugh, with caveats.

Review: Sheeps and You Have Sixty Minutes

MILO YIANNOPOULOS: ‘I’m happy to shake off what little remains of my journalistic integrity and declare myself completely besotted with Footlights.’