Abi Bennett

The Merchant of Venice

ABI BENNETT finds that this ‘Eurotrash’ Shakespeare actually makes sense…

The 24 Hour Plays

On Sunday night, five groups of Cambridge students were given the task of coming up with a play they’d perform 24 hours later at the ADC. ABI BENNETT explains the results – ‘chaotic’, ‘shambolic’, and occasionally ‘fantastic’.

Try! Try!

“It reminded me fundamentally why we’re all here…” ABI BENNETT is charmed by an evening of Frank O’Hara.


“Dull, confusing, and ultimately frustrating.” ABI BENNETT struggles to be kind about a show whose ambition misfired.

Corpus Smoker

ABI BENNETT would have enjoyed this more if everyone had just calmed down a bit…

All My Sons

The high intensity of this faintly simian production makes ABI BENNETT cry. In a good way.

Some Explicit Polaroids

ABI BENNETT calls out ‘minimalism born of laziness’, but sees some potential for this show to overcome jitters and confusion.

Footlights Smoker

ABI BENNETT is impressed with this latest Smoker, for the most part at least.

The 24 Hour Plays

TOBY PARKER REES breaks it down for you nice and smooth. Impressively this review took fewer than 24 hours to write.


.backwards [pause] goes [pause] that [pause] play [pause] Pinter [pause] a [pause] enjoys BENNETT ABI

Over and Out

ABI BENNETT enjoys new writing with cajones.

The Misanthrope

ABI BENNETT on a play which only succeeds in aesthetics.

The Revenger’s Tragedy

MATILDA BATHURST on vigour, tenderness and infection.

The Crucible

ABI BENNETT finds a ‘very strong’ cast obscured by clumsy direction.

Summer Blogs: Faustus to The Fringe

The cast and crew of Doctor Faustus prepare for their make or break week in Edinburgh, in the second of our Summer Blogs.

Books to Read by The Pool

Tab writers’ favourite reads for a long, hot afternoon. Pina Colada optional.