What your favourite Cambridge study place says about you

Don’t worry, the law library has, of course, made an appearance

The irony is I’m actually sat in one of said study places writing this article instead of doing work for my degree. Can you guess which one?

I wouldn’t feel too bad if your fav place has been slated. When I find a place that stops me from checking Camfess 10 minutes into my essay, I shall let you know.

A coffee shop

If you like working in coffee shops, you’re generally quite an outgoing person, but you definitely think you’re not basic and like to remind everyone that you’re not.

Admittedly, I’ll rate the venturing out into town, but you definitely spend half of your session organising your Notion and sipping your toffee latte, to eventually realise you actually need a book from the library.

Your college library

Although it can get quite repetitive, at least you can feel like you’re somewhat being ‘sociable’. Other unis have this thing called ‘pres’? We have this thing called a group library sesh.

Having said that, I feel like you either hate or love your college lib, there’s no in-between.

I’ll go with loving the Taylor Library (Image credit: BeRe.al/paddy.dolan)

The Law Library (…if you’re not a lawyer)

‘You got into the law library?’ to which you might respond ‘What, like it’s hard?’.

If you frequent the Squire as a non-law student you’re most definitely trying to fulfil your fantasy of not just studying at Cambridge, but studying a ‘proper’ degree there. But to be fair, you’re probably quite a productive person if you work in this intense atmosphere.

Iconic (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

Your room

Not basic, just boring.

Your faculty library

The most basic of them all.

You’re a working 9 til 5 type of student, so when you’re ‘forced’ to leave when it shuts in the early hours of the evening, you can have a guilt-free walk home knowing you stayed right until the end.

Calling it a day after organising my notion in the MMLL library (Image credit: BeRe.al/paddy.dolan)

Outside Sidge on those benches

You’re quite a nosey person. You like seeing who’s at Sidge, who’s talking to who, you’d probably judge everyone’s outfits too. You can’t admit you’re actually being productive when there’s always something to distract you there.

Plus you’re not fooling anyone with your Pret coffee; maybe you’d be warmer if you sat inside?

The UL

You’re terrifying and you probably enjoy airport security. Can you actually be productive with such a sinister vibe in the air?

It’s very much giving ‘I was in the library the other day, in the Restricted Section…’

8 million books later… (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

The West Hub

Are you committed to your degree? Or are you committed to the ultimate procrastination of having to take a bus to this mysterious place?

It seems like Cambridge is trying to be something it’s not; embrace the dark academia instead.

+ 10 points if you read this in one one of these lol

Feature Image credits: Patrick Dolan

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