Cam FM holds 24-hour charity broadcast in support of Jimmy’s Cambridge

They have less than a quarter of their fundraising goal left

Cam FM, Cambridge’s local student radio station, held their 24-hour broadcast on the 12th and 13th of March, hoping to raise £1000 in aid of Jimmy’s Cambridge, a local charity that helps support the homeless community in Cambridge. So far, they have raised £738 and donations are still open. “It’s so great Cam FM are doing this this weekend”, said Jude Clarke, Jimmy’s Communications and Fundraising Manager, in reference to the broadcast, “hopefully more people will hear about us and will want to get involved!”

Established in 1995, Jimmy’s works with local people, communities, organisations, and partners delivering 24/7 help, support and accommodation for those who would otherwise be sleeping rough. This support comes in many forms such as providing food, shelter, mental health support and helping to find ways to get people back on their feet. Their end goal is to eliminate homelessness in Cambridge. “An ideal vision for Jimmy’s is that we wouldn’t exist – the reality is there will be a level of homelessness”, said Mark Allan, CEO of Jimmy’s. “The longer someone is on the street, the worse it will be for that person so the vision for Jimmy’s is that we remove the need for people sleep on the street.”

CamFM explained that “We’ve chosen to support them because the pandemic has presented an even bigger challenge to many homeless people and the problem of homelessness in Cambridge has persisted despite efforts from charities like Jimmy’s.”

Jimmy’s has remained fully open throughout the pandemic providing an essential key service, whose dedicated staff and volunteers have remained committed to fully supporting the people who need their support. Marcus, a resident at Jimmy’s, spoke about the help the charity has provided: “It’s amazing and it works wonders. We get beds, we get taken out, the staff are all approachable. My mental state has never been so good in the 8 years I’ve been homeless.”

If you missed the initial 24-hour broadcast, you can catch up on their website. The 24-hour broadcast includes the usual student-run shows such as Chatbridge with Anna and Kyle, Songs so bad they’re good and Sam Holloway: Sunday Love songs as well as an interview with Jimmy’s staff and an interview with Jimmy’s volunteers.

You can look at the work that Jimmy’s does on their website here. Donate to CamFM’s just giving page here.

Feature Image Credits: Cam FM