Selwyn College postpones formals until February due to Covid

The JCR cites staff shortages and wanting to monitor the Omicron variant as explanation

Selwyn College has announced that they are postponing all formals until February in an Instagram story posted by the Selwyn JCR (@selwyn_jcr) today (7/01).

The post states that the College has made the decision due to “staff shortages” and so that the College “have an opportunity to get a better understanding of what the covid situation will be like with the new Omicron variant.”

It continues by saying “hopefully formals can continue in February”, but ultimately they will continue “when it is deemed safe for staff and students to do so!”, before closing the statement by promising to keep students updated.

Image credits: @selwyn_jcr via Instagram

In response to a student’s post on Selwyn-themed page ‘Selfessions’, JCR President Bella Cross commented that “the catering team are short-staffed at the moment because of covid and other reasons.”

She continues that the JCR are hoping this delay “gives a chance for everyone to watch how things progress and plans can be made from there”, although this is not a direct quote from the College.

Featured Image credits: Hannah Huang