Your Cambridge horoscopes for December

What will the winter break bring?


You’re in your element this month, Aries, because it’s Sagittarius season — A.K.A your bestie. Energy will centre on your house of learning and distant horizons, meaning the first half of the month will be inspiring and productive. All those lectures to catch up on — maybe now is the time? Venus will retrograde in your career sector on the 19th, leading to a reevaluation of your goals. Embrace the intensity and use the winter break to refocus your energies and ambitions.


November may have been a little rocky, but December begins a new phase. As a moon and solar eclipse arise on the 4th, infamous for causing chaos, it’s time for you to spend time looking after yourself. Term is done so it’s time to relax and catch up on the self-care that’s been neglected for the last few stressful weeks! Don’t you love having nothing to do but relax? 


This December, Gemini, is a time to think about your connections. The full moon is all about you — it happens in your sign on the 18th. This will deepen your desire to be and feel seen, allowing you to consider the balance between dependence and self-sufficiency from a fresh perspective. A reflective festive period will allow you to return to Cambridge in January feeling serene and stable in your friendships at both home and uni. 


Friendships are in stark focus for you this month, Cancer, as Neptune moves out of the retrograde it’s been in since June. Fake friends will reveal themselves, letting you know exactly who is worth your time. Use the weekend of the 4th to spend some chill time with these people, making the most of the end-of-term vibes. Beware of sudden moves during this weekend — why not explore some of Cambridge’s hidden gems and take it easy?


It’s party time! Celebrate the end of week 8 in style, and let loose! When Venus starts retrograding on the 19th, into your house of daily routine, take the opportunity to rethink what truly makes you feel happy and satisfied. By the time you come back in January, a clearer picture will emerge in your mind about how to balance your fun, social and relaxation time without draining your energy by week 2!

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Your communication weaknesses will be called out early in the month as Mercury, your ruling planet, enters responsible Capricorn. Perhaps it’s time to relax on the passive-aggressive notes in the gyp fridge… Other than that, the stars want you to have a fun and enjoyable festive season, Virgo. 


It’s a mixed bag in terms of energy for Libra this December. December 4th brings both a new moon and a solar eclipse. Use this as an excuse to go off the grid a little — the inbox will still be there on Monday morning. It may be time for reconnection as you go home for the holidays, with old friends or even lovers. Use the Solstice on the 21st to set professional and work-based goals for 2022. Be sure to write them down! It will manifest them into reality. 


As Neptune ends its 5-month retrograde on the 1st, it’s time to make holiday plans with those who really matter to you. As Capricorn season begins on the 21st, your term-time hardworking side may make a reappearance. Don’t allow this to tempt you into working through the break, though. Relaxation can be productive too! Allow yourself the time off to come back fighting in Lent term. 


Happy Birthday! The stars are on your side this month as a new moon and a solar eclipse are both happening in your sign. This will allow you to experience a rebirth, reinvigorating you and grounding you in your final few days before the holiday. Use this time to deepen connections that have gone neglected thanks to manic deadlines. Your main prerogative over the break is to have fun! Get the food and drink flowing and enjoy the end of Sag season.  


The eclipse on the 4th, usually seen as a time to hunker down and avoid drama, is in Sagittarius, and so can be harnessed by a strident Capricorn. Cuffing season is upon us, and so it might be time to make a move on your college crush or get closer with the ones you love. It’s a romantic time of year — take advantage!


You’ve had quite the year, so you’ll be pleased to know that December brings relief from any tension or troubles that have been on your mind through the past couple of terms. The best day of all this month could be Jupiter preparing to leave your sign on the 28th, perhaps bringing with it an unexpected gift to put a smile on your lovely face. Enjoy the downtime — you’ve earned it!


The month begins on a busy note for you, Pisces, as the Sun moves into your career sector. In your love life, it’s important for you to get adept at spotting red flags. Someone who works in Revs during the day? You can do better than that. As time goes on though, things begin to calm down, and it’s the moment to think ahead to your next year of studying and life. Cosmic luck is on your side, so what will you manifest for 2022…?

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