Fitzwilliam College’s new investment policy keeps focus on climate crisis

Fitz leads colleges in fight against climate change with its new strategic plan

Earlier today (27/10), Fitzwilliam College announced their new responsible investment policy, which aims to ensure that their investments will accurately reflect upon their commitment to environmental and social responsibilities.

This is one aspect of Fitzwilliam’s new strategic plan, which encourages active assessment upon how humanity can prevent climate change, as well as improving its own environmental impact.

The new policy means that “going forward, the College will not invest its discretionary investment portfolio (valued at approximately £50m), either directly or indirectly in the fossil fuels, tobacco or defence (companies manufacturing weapons) sectors and will measure its investments against the ‘leader’ ESG rating.”

The College hopes to apply the policy by no later than 31st March 2022, with exception to private equity investments, which it will apply by 2028 at the latest.

Baroness Sally Morgan, Master of Fitzwilliam, said “The size of the College’s portfolio mean that it is a small investor, however its position together with those of other Cambridge colleges and the University, means that our actions in this area should have a broader impact beyond the direct steps the College has taken.”

By December 2022, the College aims to examine the strict allocation of assets for its investments, including exploring attempts to make at least 50% of the College investments sustainable.

Fitzwilliam’s new plan has been welcomed by students and teachers alike, as it shows “a real commitment by the College to fighting the climate crisis” and plays a major part in “embodying the College’s values.”

Feature image credits: wikimedia commons and Creative Commons License

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