Preview: Out for Delivery

Live comedy is back with a bang!

Cambridge theatre is back and better than ever! New shows from far and wide, from Girton to King’s, are storming their way onto the stage, and among these amazing shows is Out for Delivery!

This one-night stand (on the 5th October) features Cambridge Footlights Emily, Robbie and Maddie as “they meet the weird wonderful and downright wacky”. This “quirky sketch show” looks to explore everything from the ordinary to the “truly extraordinary”. Sounds intriguing…

The Tab spoke to director Maria Pointer about her time creating this new and exciting piece for the ADC stage.

What is the show about?

Maria told us that the show aims to “explore a range of comic styles and kooky characters,” from Tina who has been waiting for her vibrator for four hundred and fifteen working days, to the local teens who “look in every nook and cranny in search of the dark web.”

Maddie London. Image Credit: Maria Pointer

With an “absurdist writing style,” this sketch show is all about the “funky foibles of life.” And with a cast of just three, the “loud, absurd and downright crazy characters” will really be at the forefront of this production!

Have there been hurdles?

Any production comes with its difficulties, and Maria told us that a Week 0 show is always a bit of a “challenge when everyone is spread out all over the country during summer”.

But Maria and her cast overcame this with get-togethers on Zoom. They have all worked together previously and are “used to getting ideas developed over calls.”

How is it to be one of the first full capacity shows post-lockdown?

Maria told us that it is “just so exciting” to have a “real-life audience back in the ADC again.” They can’t wait to “bring everyone back with some laughs and fun;” sounds like exactly what we need to ease us into Cambridge life once more!

Emily Symington. Image Credit: Maria Pointer

Maria and the cast are all going into their final year and beginning to experience the “first lasts.” Having such an early slot means a lot and they said that “getting to open the new season is a real privilege!”

She hopes that this show will be “one to remember for audiences too!”

How have rehearsals been over Summer?

Maria told the Tab that the cast were “keen to experiment with their comedy” and to “try out some new styles and push ideas as far as they could go.” So the summer was taken up with “developing ideas by doing writing exercises; word association games, brainstorming” and more!

Robbie Boyd. Image Credit: Maria Pointer

She said that it has been fun to have a focus over the Summer, and that, now they are back, it is great to see the sketch “coming to life.”

So there we have it, Maria has certainly put together an amazing show and we can’t wait to see it come to life on the stage! But you better catch tickets here quick because this show is for one night only…