QUIZ: Answer these Easter term questions and we’ll tell you what exam format you are

The quiz we need in these troubled times…

Colleges in hibernation, oases of stress, students scuttling to and from the library like lifeless husks…Easter term certainly has a peculiar and interesting vibe. With COVID having upended the possibility of the traditional exam hall, departments have spent months deliberating the most effective format to administer exams in (these deliberations have had mixed success). Whether your department has been compassionate or cruel, competent or bumbling, helpful or uncommunicative… this quiz is the perfect way to vent your frustrations, take a break, and let off some steam.

So there you have it! Whatever your result, don’t forget that all exam formats are difficult and you deserve plenty of breaks! Cambridge exams are extremely taxing in the best of times, and you’ve survived them in a pandemic. Get yourself some ice cream and break out the Netflix!

Feature image credits: Inika Murkumbi and Dominic Thomas