QUIZ: Which superhero are you, based on your Cambridge life?

We love this quiz 3000

We’re definitely all superheroes for surviving exams, online learning, and, let’s face it, Cambridge in general.  But in case you’ve ever wondered what classic comic book superhero you would be, the Tab’s got you sorted.  Tell us about your Cambridge life, and we’ll tell you who your crime-fighting alter ego is.  Are you brave like Batman?  Intelligent like Iron Man?  A hooligan like Harley Quinn?  There’s only one way to find out….

So now you’ve discovered your inner superhero.  Perhaps you’ll use your newfound superpowers to finish that revision at the speed of light, or muster up the courage to watch those lectures from last term.  Or maybe you’ll carry on procrastinating by reading Tab articles.  With great power comes great responsibility.


Cover image: Claudia Cox and Katy Lawrence, with screenshots from ‘Justice League’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’