A group of protesters on King's Parade

Hundreds of protesters take to Cambridge streets in support of Palestine

The most recent rally on 15th May was the latest in a string of similar protests across Cambridge

A rally took place today (15/05) in Market Square and King’s Parade in support of Palestine in reaction to the increased military strikes in Gaza.

The rally was the latest in a string of protests across Cambridge in support of this, and was part of a national movement, organised by both the Cambridge Palestine Forum and Stop The War.

The protest was joined by representatives from the Cambridge Trade Union Council, activist groups, and students of the University, as well as Cambridge Samba Band and various singers.

A group of protesters walk along a road

The protest was held throughout central Cambridge (Image Credit: George Ellison)

The protest started at 11:30am, with speeches given outside of the City Guildhall before leading a march down Bene’t Street to King’s Parade. The Cambridge protest is one of many held across the county mostly organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), the largest pro-Palestine organisation in the UK.

The rally was held on the 73rd anniversary of Nakba Day, which was the day after the formation of Israel and represents the start of the Palestinian Exodus. The day is remembered as a “catastrophe” signalling the beginning of several massacres and is commemorated across the globe.

The Cambridge University Palestine Society told us that it was not just this day of remembrance, but “the violent ethnic cleansing that continues to this day” and recent evictions and attacks in Sheikh Jarrah, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza that moved them to protest.

Protesters fly the Palestinian flag

Protesters were seen waving the Palestinian flag (Image Credit: George Ellison)

Signs from the protest said that “Gaza can’t breathe” and “Stop the massacre.” An attendee of the protest told us that the “Cambridge community is diverse and stands together in solidarity.”

The Cambridge University Palestine Society, a registered University society that aims “to bring together the efforts of all those concerned about the suffering of the Palestinian people”, commented on the event: “Mobilisation around Palestine is now more important than ever. It has been excellent to see so many people out on the streets protesting and standing in solidarity with Palestinians across the West Bank, Israel and Jerusalem.”

They noted that “as students we must use our voice to speak out against racism and violence of all forms and educate others. Please follow our page to keep up to date with upcoming actions and events and message us if you’d like to get involved!”

Recent protests follow evictions in Sheikh Jarrah and are part of continued resistance against Israel. There is currently ongoing and escalating violence which has drawn criticism from international human rights organisations. Aims of the rally included showing support and solidarity with those affected in Palestine, and joining thousands of others nationally in commemorating Nakba.

Feature image credit: Hazel Wood