BREAKING: Girton College announces new accommodation block to be built on the Cindies site

Girton hopes to keep the integrity of the club alive


A source told The Tab Cambridge that Girton College is in the process of planning a new accommodation block on the current site of Cindies.

The block is due to be completed in September 2022, and has been built to house additional students admitted to the College this year, after A-Level exam mitigations – put in place due to the effects of coronavirus on students’ education – meant many more students met their offers than normal.

Also, the number of ‘Girton thigh’ related injuries – caused by the excessive number of cycling trips taken by students from Girton to the city centre – has increased by 120% in three years, causing the college to take drastic measures to reduce cycling for students.

Girton College at the forefront of the Uni-Club hybrid revolution (Image Credit: Harriet Wadey)

Current Girton accommodation includes the highly coveted college house ‘The Grange’ which boasts only a single oven tray, showing that clearly Girton accommodation is ripe for renovation.

Students are excited by the idea of accommodation improvement. An anonymous source told us: “Girton is finally upping their game both in terms of their accommodation and their position on the Tompkins Table. Christ’s College better watch their back. They are getting a new neighbour!”

The Grange: it’s clearly time for an upgrade (Image Credits: Harriet Wadey)

A source from the college promises to keep the “Cindies heritage alive” with new furnishings that link back to the famous Cindies aesthetic. The bathrooms are likely to remain unchanged in an effort to preserve the integrity of the building.

A petition has also been started by Girton students to employ Cindies bouncers as porters for the new accommodation block, in order to recreate the full immersive Cindies experience for students who have missed out on it this year due to Covid.

And if you checked the date as much as you check Facebook, you would realise that this is April Fools’!

Feature Image: Katie Thacker 

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