Apply now to join The Cambridge Tab’s team for Easter 2021!

Who wants to be the diamond of the season when you can be a writer for The Tab?

Yearning for social contact after a year pent up at home? Wanting something to help you get that Crushbridge you’ve always dreamed of? Looking for a place where your impeccable Toope memes can get the clout they truly deserve? Well, look no further, because applications to join The Tab Cambridge’s team in Easter term as a writer or editor are now open!

There is such a variety of content you can cover while writing for The Tab. With articles from this term including hard-hitting opinion pieces on the University’s response to the pandemic, exciting scoops on some of the biggest stories in Cambridge, and experiments with some highly dubious pancake toppings, there really is something for everyone, no matter your interests or level of experience. 

Feel free to apply to multiple roles too – you can be at the forefront of student news in Cambridge, but can also quiz us on what college we’re from based on our Van of Life order. As the ancient saying goes, The Tab is your oyster. 

And, if that hasn’t convinced you enough, with over 20,000 likes on our Facebook page, room for progression within the team, and opportunities for your articles to be picked up by The Tab National, or even major mainstream news outlets, The Tab Cambridge is a great and wide-reaching platform to make your voice heard on all things Cambridge. 

The team is so friendly and supportive, and we really want to encourage and help people try out writing and continue to improve! No matter your level of experience, we’d love to hear from you so we can recruit as diverse and creative of a team as possible, in order to represent the many voices of the Cambridge community and continue to highlight the student perspective.

Just saying x (Photo credits: Author’s own screenshot from Camfess)

Apply here by Sunday 28th March at 6pm 

The Positions

News editors and news reporters

Our news section has really taken off this term, and it is such an exciting team to be a part of. The Cambridge Tab has broken stories that have been picked up by The Tab National and even UK newspapers! If you love the thrill of getting a story out fast, this is the section for you!

Opinions editors

Our Opinions section has been so incredible this term at covering the multitude of contentious issues in Cambridge, such as period poverty and the provision of student welfare support, and we would love you to join the team to continue to help us highlight all these extremely important issues. This is a great opportunity to speak up and make your voice heard on the topics that matter to you and other Cambridge students. 

Features editors

Features are what the Tab does best: whether you are writing about each college’s star sign or telling us which college you belong in based on the life you would lead in Bridgerton, we want you on the team! This is a very flexible section allowing our editors and writers to writing about anything they’re interested in. We are also very fond of quizzes so if you think you could be better than Buzzfeed, apply now. You can be Cambridge’s key source of humour, essay procrastination and inspiration for household bonding activities.

Culture/Theatre editors

Easter term is going to be an exciting time for Theatre. Whether you are well-versed in Cambridge drama and music or just enjoy Netflix binging, this is the section for you. If you have already watched all of the online plays this term, why not cash in those free comp tickets next term and become a theatre editor? Our editors get the chance to review Cambridge theatre from ADC Mainshows to fresher’s plays at the Corpus Playroom.

Interviews editors

There is a huge range of choice within the interviews section – as well as opportunities to interview big names speaking at the Cambridge Union, you can help to celebrate the amazing work that students and societies continue to do throughout Cambridge through interviewing them about their work! 

A spot on the Interviews team is a great chance to meet new people, gain confidence and learn new journalistic skills, and we would love to have you!

Lifestyle editors

The typical Cambridge lifestyle is pretty unique, and you could get the chance to write about it. Become the ultimate guru on how to ace the Easter exam term. So what are you waiting for? Apply and spread the knowledge!


This is a great role to go for if you’re looking for some flexibility, as you can choose your own topic and you have a lot of creative freedom over the feel of the articles and how many of them you want to write. We’ve had columns on a whole range of topics, from student recipes, to interviewing student creatives, to agony aunt advice, so there’s lots of choice and something for everyone. If you have an idea that you’d like to try out, let us know in your application!

Tab TV editors

The Tab broadcasting platform has really taken off in Lent term, but we are still eager for more! If you are a whizz at video editing, you’re Tiktok famous, or you have absolutely no experience whatsoever, we would love to hear from you. We want to grow our Tiktok account and have more inactive videos on our Instagram, but we are also open to big ideas for serial content. We are looking for enthusiastic people with lots of ideas to join our lovely team.

Social media managers

The Tab Cambridge’s Twitter has over 6,700 followers, and our Instagram account has gained nearly 600 followers in the past term, currently standing at nearly 5,400 followers in total, which makes it a really exciting and upcoming team to be a part of! We’re looking to keep this key part of The Tab really active this term, with memes, photo competitions, story challenges, and more! 

This is such a fun role which is really open to interpretation, and we’re always looking for new ideas to help reach new readers and keep people engaged with the work of our talented team, so apply now!

Join us in making even more quality content like this (Photo credits: Author’s own screenshot from Instagram)


Are you desperate to get back to Cambridge to take pictures of the Cam at sunset or King’s Parade on a busy day? This is a super low commitment role that involves nothing other than taking photos of Cambridge and sharing them with us. The role is a great chance to have your photography published on our website, and you can tell all your friends you are a ‘real photographer.’

Pls, give us all your gorgeous Cambridge shots (Photo credits: Author’s own screenshot via Instagram)

Podcast editor

The Your College Aunts podcast, an agony aunt advice column made by students, for students, has been so helpful in keeping us all going through what has been a really tough term. With so much of our life online due to the pandemic, many of you may have had to quickly learn the editing skills you’d need for this role, so we want to hear from you to help to continue to make the podcast the best and most well-edited it can be!

Run by the lovely Leila and Amira (Photo credits: Author’s own screenshot from The Tab Cambridge)


This is a brand new position at the Tab this term! If writing isn’t your thing, but you would enjoy the thrill of finding a news scoop or the flex of being able to contact the University Press  Office for comment, you should be one of our investigators. This is a very low commitment, and your job would be on the lookout for potential news stories and sending them in.


If you can’t commit to The Tab team completely next term, that is ok! If you ever have any ideas for an article you want to see written or want to write an article yourself, message us on our Facebook page or message either of our Editors-in-Chief (Sophie Carlin and Harriet Wadey) over Facebook, or reach us at our email ([email protected]).

If you have any questions, please feel free to message either of us using the above contact details, and we can’t wait to receive your applications!

Featured image credit: Author’s own screenshot from Bridgerton