Meet the presenters of the 24 hour ‘Mind Map’ radio broadcast for Student Minds Cambridge

Stay up all night for a good cause!

CW: This article includes discussions of mental health

CamFM will be, a radio station ran by Cambridge students, are hosting a 24 hour broadcast from 12 pm GMT this Saturday (20th) to 12 pm on Sunday,  giving us 24 hours of fun, laughter and tunes to raise money for Student Minds Cambridge. With shows ranging from “Two Truths and One Camfession” to “Boogie Over Breakfast”, all raising money for such an important charity, the broadcast offers Cambridge students the perfect opportunity to unwind from the stress of term.

Ellie Bladon, CamFM’s station manager, explained the motivation for the fundraiser: “Covid-19 has hit many people incredibly hard and multiple surveys have shown that students’ mental health has been particularly badly affected by the pandemic. Therefore, we felt that Student Minds was an excellent cause for us to support this year.

“We have named the broadcast “Mind Map” because another purpose of the broadcast is to remind Cambridge and ARU students that despite the fact that we are currently spread across the world, we still belong to a supportive, caring Cambridge student community.”

Student Minds Cambridge (SMC) is a student-led society that is dedicated to providing a safe environment for students to share and discuss their experiences of mental health, both in and outside of their university life. Daniel Ellis, a Student Minds Cambridge representative, told The Tab that “We are currently in the depths of a national mental health crisis. It has never been clearer to me, the importance of the work that SMC does for our students.

“From lobbying the university to posting uplifting memes on our social media accounts, SMC is dedicated to tackling the stigma surrounding mental health and facilitating difficult discussions. More than that, though, we connect people; we allow students to talk to people who know where they’re coming from and we create a sense of community for those who want or need it.”

The Tab spoke to the voices behind the audio to get the scoop on what we can expect from their shows, as well as their tips for protecting your mental health:

Ellie Bladon

(Image Credit: Ellie Bladon)

Pronouns: She/her

Subject and Year: 3rd year PhD student in Zoology

How are you involved in Mind Map?

“I’m Station Manager at Cam FM, so I’ve been doing a lot of the organising for the 24h broadcast, but I’ll also be on air for two of the shows. I’ma panellist on “Two Truths, One Camfession” at 10 pm GMT on Saturday – this is a live comedy game show that we’re holding in collaboration with Camfess. Each contestant has to say two true embarrassing, weird or funny things about themselves and one thing that has been submitted by the good folks who frequent the famous (notorious?) Facebook group, Camfess. The other panellists have to decide which fact is the Camfession by asking probing questions.

“I’m also hosting a show at 5 am GMT on Sunday morning called Shout Out Central, where I’ll be playing requests and reading shout outs from members of the Cambridge community to one another. You can still request a shout out or song until 5 pm on Thursday here.”

What would be your number one piece of advice to someone who is struggling with their mental health? 

“If you are struggling, seek professional help. If you are a Cambridge student, the University Counselling Service, College counsellors and/or your GP are good first ports of call, but Student Minds’ website also has a list of resources, including those to contact in a mental health emergency.

“Please don’t deal with this alone. There is always someone who can help, however bad the situation seems.”

What is your favourite Thing About the Broadcast?

“Raising money is obviously incredibly important, but I also think it’s vital to contribute to the conversation about students’ mental health. The broadcast will help to get people talking about the difficulties that students face and hopefully reduce the stigma around mental health conditions.

“We’ve got a huge range of shows during the broadcast – from insightful discussions about how mental health affects different communities, to comedy gameshows, to shows full of good news stories and high-energy hits, so there will be something for everyone, regardless of what timezone they’re currently in.”

Tom Nunan

(Image Credit: Tom Nunan)

Pronouns: he/him

Subject and Year: I studied HSPS at Corpus, and graduated last summer (July 2020)

How are you involved in Mind Map?

“I’m co-presenting Boogie over Breakfast with Maz and Tom and fellow Corpus grad Mary Butler! It’s the breakfast show we hosted throughout last year, every week in Michaelmas, Lent and then from home throughout our locked-down Easter term. This is its triumphant return as a one-off, charity special!

“Tune in for classic segments like Wordy McWordison, Florida Man and, of course, our attempts to be Cambridge’s worst agony aunts. Listeners, as usual, can expect smut from start to finish…”

What would be your number one piece of advice to someone who is struggling with their mental health? 

“The best piece of advice is to seek help – no one should have to deal with mental health alone, whatever problems they may be facing. There’s so many organisations, helplines and websites out there, and it’s great that Cam FM can promote those fantastic resources.”

What is your favourite Thing About the Broadcast?

“The sense of community! Whether you’re listening, broadcasting or donating, you’re all part of an event this year that’s more important than ever.”

Olivia Copeland

(Image Credits: Méabh O’Mainnin)

Pronouns: she/her

Subject and Year: Second-year MML

How are you involved in Mind Map?

“This year, because students are all around the globe, we’ve taken a bit of an international theme. My friend Matt Parry and I are doing a show where we’ll play our favourite German music, chat about his experiences on his Year Abroad in Berlin, and discuss our tips for looking after your mental health when you’re away from home, or from your friends. It’s called Bops for your Kopf (Bops for your Head) and it’ll be at 2 pm GMT.”

What would be your number one piece of advice to someone who is struggling with their mental health? 

“Any kind of movement really improves my mood, increases my self-confidence, and takes my mind away from whatever’s bothering me. It can seem hard if you don’t feel like it, but going for a short walk outside, putting on some music and dancing or following a workout from YouTube makes a big difference to my day.”

What is your favourite Thing About the Broadcast?

“How varied it is! We’ve got comedy, game shows, loads of amazing music, insightful chats, sports, wholesome news – there really is no excuse not to tune in.”

Louis Davies

(Image Credit: Ève Davies)

Pronouns: He/him

Subject and Year: 3rd-year Mathmo

How are you involved in Mind Map?

“I am doing a one-off show called Monster Raving Louis’ Party where I and a large number of guests try and pass ridiculous “motions” using the power of comedic debate; it’s a spin-off from my panel show I Swear I’m Not Doing A Bit with many familiar faces (or voices) from that.

“I’m also doing a special edition of my show Cam FM’s Queer Hour where we talk to Student Minds Cambridge’s LGBTQ+ officer Claire about mental health in the queer community. Finally, I appear on Two Truths One Camfession but I’m sure Ellie has told you all you need to know about that.”

What would be your number one piece of advice to someone who is struggling with their mental health? 

“I really like podcasts, and I love music, and listening to those things helps me relax and distract from the other stuff I’m doing, and having something to listen to has helped me through tough times.

“This is not going to apply to everyone, some people are readers, some runners, some gamers, some cyclists, but I’d recommend taking time to find something that lets you unwind, and helps you disconnect from the things that stress you.”

What is your favourite Thing About the Broadcast?

“The broadcast is always an opportunity to connect with the other presenters on Cam FM, and that’s less easy this year without a studio, but there’s still been a lot of engagement and so I can say that even this year, the sense of community is my favourite thing about the broadcast.”

And lastly, Student Minds Cambridge Themselves!

Daniel Ellis also told The Tab: “This 24-hour broadcast on CamFM is a fantastic opportunity to give back to Student Minds. We feel truly honoured that CamFM are fundraising for us and to have been given an hour’s slot in the broadcast to share our thoughts surrounding mental health.

“We hope that we will be able to use the funds raised to help students engage with their mental health in whatever capacity they would like to.”

The Broadcast looks like it is shaping up to be an incredibly entertaining 24 hours so don’t forget to tune in at any time to help a worthwhile cause and also have a few laughs along the way!

Feature Image: Ève Davies, Méabh O’Mainnin, Tom Nunan, Ellie Bladon, and Student Minds Cambridge logo 

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