Zero Cambridge students tested positive for asymptomatic Covid-19 last week

This represents the 4058 students who participated in the programme last week

There were zero positive cases of coronavirus recorded in Cambridge’s asymptomatic testing programme last week, between 1st and 7th February. Three symptomatic cases have been identified, however.

Of the students who have returned to Cambridge this term and are currently in residence there, 4058 were screened for asymptomatic Covid-19 last week.

Although many students are not in residence in Cambridge at the moment, the university’s asymptomatic testing programme was resumed in January to ensure the safety of those who have returned.

In an email from Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope on 11th February, he described last week’s testing outcome as “remarkable, and hugely encouraging”, giving his “thanks and congratulations” to “the team running [the] successful screening programme” for their efforts.

He also thanked students for their participation, who have “participated actively” in the asymptomatic testing programme since its introduction in October 2020: “[T]hey have contributed in a very significant way to preventing the transmission of disease across the wider Cambridge community.”

The Vice-Chancellor continued to praise the “success” of the scheme in his recent email: “Our screening programme has attracted the attention of other institutions looking to learn from, or replicate, its success. It is also helping scientists and public health specialists understand the transmission dynamics of coronavirus infection.”

This follows the recent launch of the university’s Lateral Flow Testing programme for College and University staff. The university is also continuing to offer testing at the Fen’s Causeway or Addenbrooke’s Hospital testing pods for any staff member or student showing symptoms of coronavirus, whether they are signed up to the asymptomatic testing scheme or not.

More information on the university’s testing programmes and precautions to reduce transmissions of coronavirus can be found on the Stay Safe Cambridge Uni website

Featured image credit: Izzy Porter and screenshots from Stay Safe Cambridge Uni via their website