These are the colleges flying the LGBTQ+ Progress Flag in February 2021

The Progress Flag incorporates colours to represent people of colour and transgender people

Girton, Wolfson, Gonville and Caius and Churchill colleges have all announced that for the whole month of February in 2021, they will be flying the LGBTQ+ Progress Flag to coincide with LGBT History Month.

The Progress Flag features black and brown stripes to represent people of colour and baby blue, pink and white to represent transgender people, in addition to the traditional colours of the Gay Pride flag.

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The Progress Flag contains colours to represent people of colour and trans people as well as the traditional Gay Pride colours (Image Credit: Paul2520 via Wikimedia Commons)

The LGBT JCR Officer for Girton College, Max Leadbetter, told the Tab Cambridge: “I’m so excited for [the flag] to go up because it demonstrates a real commitment from Girton to support and celebrate the most marginalised members of the LGBT+ community.

“The pride movement started with the courage of trans people of colour and it is important to remember there is no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.”

Max adds: “This flag is so important because it puts particular emphasis on recognising and celebrating the most marginalised members of the LGBTQ+ community, namely BAME and trans people.”

The flag that Girton will be flying will be hand sewn and erected upon its arrival in February.

In November of 2020, Girton College did not fly the transgender flag in transgender awareness week but instead decided to hold a commemorative service in their college chapel.

The decision to fly the flag in February at Girton College comes after Girton Liberation Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality (GLIDE) has been attempting to construct a “diverse calendar of events” that the college can officially recognise in order to promote equality and show solidarity to marginalised students.

Max added: “Girton has strived to do more for inclusion and diversity. The college has set up an inclusivity working group to discuss how to make Girton a safe and welcoming environment that celebrates all groups of people.” 

Gonville and Caius College will also be flying the flag this February. Their MCR LGBT Officer, Anthony Bridgen, told the Tab: “Caius’ decision to allow the flying of the Progress Flag and all it represents in terms of support for some of the most under-represented in the LGBTQ+ community makes me feel hopeful. I am hopeful that, with continued work, Cambridge can become a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.”

Likewise the Wolfson College LGBT Officer Davis SG says “I think it is great that Wolfson will be flying the Progress Flag… given the level of mobilisation but also social and legal backlash that members of the LGBTQ+ community are facing in the UK and worldwide.”

Joining Girton, Caius and Wolfson is also Churchill College. Their college LGBT JCR Officer, Sam Holland told the Tab: “I’m really happy that Churchill’s decided to fly the LGBTQ+ Progress Flag for the entirety of February.

“It’s a really strong message of solidarity and support for its LGBTQ+ students, staff and fellows and one that is definitely appreciated.”


Girton College has been contacted for comment. 

Feature Image Credit: Paul2520 via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons License) and Girton College Instagram