Students told they will not be able to leave Cambridge until the end of lockdown

Meanwhile, students who are not in the set-out exempt categories have been told to remain where they are

Cambridge students have been told to stay home and start their term online, in an email from Vice-Chancellor Stephen Toope received earlier today. Professor Toope has also said that students in Cambridge, or those who are returning under special conditions, will not be able to leave Cambridge until the end of the national lockdown.

The email states that: “The key message for undergraduate and postgraduate students on taught courses is that they should not return to Cambridge unless they fall within one of the categories specified in earlier communications.

“Students who are not in one of those categories should remain where they are, and start their term online. Students who are currently in Cambridge should remain in Cambridge. ”

International students have been told to change their travel plans if possible, and postgraduates who are able to work from their out-of-term address should do so.

This news comes after an announcement of another national lockdown in England, starting tomorrow. University students have been told they will be studying online until at least mid-February, according to a document from

In his email, Toope sympathised with students at the university, saying: “I understand this is a distressing time, and in particular acknowledge that the change of circumstances adds to the pressure on our staff.

“We are reflecting on the implications of last night’s announcement, and will be in touch soon with further information.”