Best Bums 2020 Round Three: Vote for your winner

It’s time to crown Cambridge’s Best Bum 2020

The people have spoken – all 30,000 of you – and now is the time for the top four bums from each of the first two rounds to go cheek-to-cheek to see who will be crowned Cambridge’s Best Bum of 2020. The 22 contestants from Rounds One and Two have now been whittled down to a top eight – but who will win? It’s up to you to decide. The winner will be announced on Sunday!

Theresa, studying Classics at Downing

This is very reminiscent of that scene in the Lion King where Mufasa surveys his kingdom (the savannah), but with fewer lions, and set in Cambridge, so not like it at all really. Still, Theresa manages to create a real air of majesty in her entry for this year’s Cambridge Best Bums competition.

Angus, Matilda and Shannon, studying Geography, Education and HSPS at St John’s

The stairway to heaven has never looked so peachy as it does in this entry for Best Bums 2020. Let’s hope Shannon has even footing though, the domino effect could be disastrous…

Caroline, studying Art History at Jesus

Caroline can take no moor(ing) of 2020, and who can blame her? She has to be commended for going for arguably the most iconic Cambridge view of all, looking onto King’s Chapel, with an iconic peach to go with it.

Peggy, studying Maths at Corpus

The (window) framing of this photograph from Peggy really is unparalleled. Ingeniously, too, she found a way to stay warm whilst entering Best Bums – no need to bother going outside and freezing your bum off in November!

Stay at home, Protect Tab Best Bums, save Michaelmas Term.

Athena, studying History at Fitzwilliam

Damn girl! Are you a piece of art, because it looks like I found you at the Fitzwilliam. Athena has captured those “I walked straight out of a painting and into real life” vibes here – peachy light, and well, a peach.

Kiera, studying Medicine at Wolfson

What better place for a Best Bums competition photoshoot than Orgasm Bridge, being overlooked by Tit Hall? Almost top marks for cycling to the top, but we’re deducting a point for no helmet. Safety first!

Eve, studying Linguistics at Clare Hall

Eve has decided to seize the natural way of life in more ways than one, and it’s not just the scenery that looks serene.

Saskia, studying Vet Med at Churchill

Channelling her inner 90s kid with the scrunchie, Saskia has chosen the perfect lighting to illuminate her derriere.